Our Primary Energy is Love

We are inexplicably

connected to

a beautiful web of Life,

Who’s Primary Energy is

Pure Limitless Love.

We can Pause in any moment

and reconnect from deep inside

to the beautiful

life affirming Energy

of this Great Great LOVE!

Shenoah White Owlelephants



Where do you have your head in the sand?

…I realized I’ve had my head in the sand around money… and my future.  I am committed to learning and understanding all my choices around money…and saying Yes to what I truly want.  I put my credit cards on ice, I mean literally they are in the freezer in little pond of water where they are literally frozen (that way there will be serious thought where using them is concerned with no chance for spontaneous unplanned use).  I’ve devised a plan for becoming debt free!!  Oh yeah and I am excited about my future where my life and my money are concerned!

It feels good to be taking this incredible action for my future and to be taking all the other inspired actions towards living my dreams…so glad to get my head out of the sand and breath in all of this goodness!!


Can you feel the excitement?

I hope it inspires you to your own actions where you may have your head in the sand too!

Enjoy your day!!

The White Page

See every day as a white page….

where you get to choose

and fill up your day

with all that you really want.

What will you choose to include today?

Paint your world beautiful through each choice to be.

Be You.  Be Free. Have fun.

the white page 3

Focused Actions

We’ve been talking about connecting to the dreams inside and allowing space for them to be cultivated…it is also very important to take actions each day to give them life.

Like growing a garden, we first look to the Vision, then we know what needs purchasing or what is needed, followed by the planting,  the  watering & all that is essential.  With each new stage, fresh attention and the art of cultivating brings forth the fruit ….

We are very much the same through this business of Creating our Dreams, first imagining then cherishing, then planting and nurturing our Hearts Dreams through focused Loving attention brings out the Magic of You!

What is the action that is needed today that will help bring forth your beloved dreams?

…do them with your whole heart and do them with joy!

focused actions-1



Dreamersizing :  definition.  to actively give shape to your dreams.

verb; Focused Activities for unfolding the magic of you!!  tm

what can you do each day…what action step can I take to bring my dreams  TO LIFE?

take those action steps!

and live each day to the fullest!



The dove is symbol for life for so many…

it goes out and finds the first inkling of life after the storm and

connects us to that vibrant life…

metaphorically it is like our spirit

able to bring us to our selves

connecting us to our very essence…

Dove is more than symbol of peace

but also bringer of our piece…

The piece of you that makes the

world a better place to live in

once realized and shared.

Thank you Dove for your Beautiful Connecting Spirit.

What might Dove want to Connect you with?




Led from the Heart

The Heart we say knows the way.

yes it does, it will show us ourselves too,

as we encounter life…

the response as a stranger walks by.

lets us discover

through that response

what fears or prejudices and un-examined thoughts

stands between our true meeting.

So much goes by without meeting the true knower in the field.

The spark inside each is waiting to be met…

it’s beauty revealed.

I wish to be always led by this knower of the heart

and to be responding to that one in all life.

and it is so.

Shenoah White Owl

fox 1

Today We Welcome Freedom for One and All

Today we celebrate as we welcome letting Freedom ring.

May Freedom be the song sung from the deepest place inside each one

each soul alive on earth…

together may we create an unbound world

where love has replaced all structures made from fear…

May we all hold hands and let True Freedom’s Ring…

today and always.

We Celebrate with JOY

the rising up and crescendo

the sweet sweet sound of

Our Freedom’s Ring’.

Shenoah White Owl

house wren


Creating a shield for awareness

in the native tradition a shield represents the true things that belong to us…it lets us become aware of those things and through this awareness we can place outside of that circle everything that keeps us from the nurturing and flowering of those gifts …it gives us the focus for what we need to attend to and what we need to let go of..

….we can connect to this practice in a simple way.  By making a circle on a piece of paper… while seeing it as a Medicine Shield…write down all you are deeply desiring to have, do, and experience…let it come from deepest place possible…include all the things that give you joy…this sets up boundaries to allow only those chosen experiences to be part of your life…

it is also up to you to pay attention to how you let this leak out….it may be you keep too busy saying yes’ to others demands or that you do not remain clear of what belongs to you or another…

But the shield as you bring it close to your heart will also speak and bring out its own sweet fruits into your life…

I offer this as Blessing’

Everyday Sacred, living art


Shenoah White Owl

candoo spirit friend