Heart Touched

I came across a lovely portrait of a fellow artists daughter.  It touched me so deeply that I wanted to try to capture her through my art. Side views are still very tricky for me to capture, with each effort it gets a bit easier.  Really enjoyed doing this today!

inspired to illustrate a sweet portrait of a fellow artist.
inspired to illustrate a sweet portrait of a fellow artist.

Loving Where I am.

This painting feels like it represents me.  Where I am right now with an expanse of feeling a beauty, a freedom and a joy that comes from way deep inside. The sense of personal self with a story has all but dissolved in this place of peaceful joy….i am really enjoying the chance to also try to express this through my art….and to grow in the ability to express this is giving such feeling of satisfaction. I am grateful beyond words!

Enjoying the cool breezes.
Enjoying the cool breezes.

Welcome to my Mixed Media Artist Blog

I’ve started this blog as a way to discover and develop my art to illustrate my personal passions and interests while letting them illuminate my  life and my gifts.  I’m looking forward to see what will flower and hope to experience a new depth with my artistic expression. I long for this discovery and with great interest i am choosing to begin in this way.  I feel excited that I am walking through this door at this time.  I have many to thank for reaching this point where I’m ready to embark on this discovery where the flowering of my heart, my life, my gifts, may soulfully be expressed through this art expression.

Now to begin……
self portrait for blog 300-b

May it be a Precious Flowering Gift for times to come.