Rainbows in every cloud.

There are rainbows in every cloud and laughter in every step.  The Ocean sang to the dolphins as Pure Joy filled the heart temple to overflowing,  leaving behind a Still Deep Quiet and Peace.  Looking over,  there sat Ganesha, smiling knowingly while offering yet another of his delicious laddoo’s.

Right when you think the hunger has been totally satiated, He offers on his own,  yet another delicious laddoo.

perhaps when your eight.

What a Joy it is to be enjoying You and your precious sweets!


Laddoos for Everyone

Ganesha loves to share his Laddoos.  They are bite size morsels of wisdom that feed and delight us.  Sometimes they are simple reminders of connection to the deepest qualities that are ours in truth.  Mushak has a message that says, ‘Joy is my Nature’.  How can we connect more to our own inherent Joy filled self right now?  So good it is too!   Thank you Ganesha and Mushak for sharing your yummy Laddoos.

Joy is my nature

Oh how sweet!

Laddoo’s for Everyone!

Laddoo’s are a popular Indian sweet that is served at almost any special occasion.  Ganeshaji loves Laddoo’s and always has a little pot nearby ready to be eaten by all.  To me, Ganesha really represents the Inner Soul of All Life and the real sweetness that it is.  Some relate to this as Light and Life, others as God Principal connected to their many cultures…so varied they are and like the laddoos they come in very many varieties.  Laddoo’s for everyone!  is about a joyful little elephant that loves to share his sweets…they may come in many different varieties too,  like prose or poems or flowers, we will see what sweets he wishes to share while enjoying the journey with this little Ganesha serving up his Wednesday’s Soul Food.


Ganesha sharing his sweets, is really us being alive in our light and life.  How sweet is that!

All it takes is Patience

This week I’ve become re-enchanted with water colors.  They can’t be rushed and their true beauty is in the way they combine and flow together in unexpected ways.  Interesting too, how a little pool of water can let you almost erase an area for a fresh start.  I’m also, really enjoying the beauty in the unexpected and unplanned moments that life so gloriously offers up.

wipwatar color portraits

Basking in it’s wonder!


It’s been a year since I made my last vision board.  It has been a real treat to see how much of my heart dreams have entered the pages of my life in some very sweet ways.  It leaves me feeling very humble and grateful at the same time.  This is the painterly side of my new vision board, it represents the reflection and the beautiful time I am having connecting deep into the heart and letting it whisper it’s sweet song.

painterly side of my vision board

Looking to the Vision,

Responding to its Light and Love and Life.


I am in Alena Hennessy’s class called,  ‘A Year of Painting’.  The current lesson encourages us to take an old piece of art and to work on it to allow a transformation.  It was nice to see how a piece of art can become so unrecognizably different after a new session with new perspective along with new inspirations.  It’s a bit like life too where new insights and new perspectives can transform our lives to such degree that it is unrecognizably different from the old life.  Isn’t it nice to know that all life has the same chance for Transformation and that it’s underlying beauty is there waiting to be sparked.

I love that about life and art!

little princesss transformed art page