A Year Of Painting Journal

I am very grateful to have been part of A Year of Painting.  Every three weeks we receive a new lesson…each lesson seems to bring new ways of connecting with ourselves and our unique expressions with in our art.  I just finished downloading the lessons so that I can refer back to them as they are having nice effect.  One of the lessons is transforming an art piece into something else.  With that in mind I transformed an art page into this little AYOP art journal made from file folders.  It will be a sweet container to continue practicing and exploring with these sweet lessons.

Last year I entered a chance to win a spot in Alena Hennessy’s  AYOP class…I was delighted to win that spot and now a year out I find myself  utterly grateful for the wonderful gift it has become, a beautiful beautiful blessing!!!   I signed up for A Year of Painting 2 and am looking forward to this next year of my art journey.  Thank you Alena for all the sweet lessons taught through your beautiful heart!!

ayop journal

The Unexpected gifts that life arranges for us often turns out to be our greatest blessings!  How sweet is that!!


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