The Sweetest Sound

This morning there was a little bird singing the sweetest song.  We were still asleep and it rang through while adding the sweetest sound to the sleeping dreamy mood that was still hanging in the air.  The house was silent, the neighborhood still snoozing, while the song came echoing into the dream time. It seemed somewhat ethereal and it made us wonder even while lying there, eyes closed, if perhaps it was an angel right outside our window.  It has left a sound so sweet still echoing and leaving us in wonder. bird4 2

O’ little bird thank you for that song it touched the heart so sweetly!!


The New Year

I’ve been contemplating the New Year as this year comes to a close.  Contemplating the gift of life…the miraculous way our bodies are such a beautiful home for our spirits dwelling…some refer to it as the body temple.  I rather like that thought, as it makes us connect to the feeling of the sacredness of life…that each has special gifts, talents and unique expressions that is also life sustaining.  This makes me feel such awe…it also makes me feel encouraged to identify with what wants to flow through this life and to be an encourager also for others to do the same…to let the creative juices flow,  to give it place to grow to evolve and to shine.  What are some of the things that touch you,  What inspires you?   I urge you to connect with those things as if they are golden dreams sent from the heavens.2016 1

I believe inspirations are none other than the Souls voice.  Golden Dreams sent from the Heavenly source,  inviting us to become jewel sparkles of divine light and life.  How sweet is that?

O Wise One

You sit in all hearts just waiting to be heard   Once your voice is heard our ears become eager to hear what you have to say for this is where answers that are sought may be found.  Where our peace and our welfare are met in astounding ways…owl

your voice is like a star that leads us in the night.  thank you. thank you.  thank you.

Her Own Song

I think my bird art has gotten more playful…I’m rather liking that too.  Being in Alena’s class has really been a great boon for me in that way.  I find myself enjoying expressing the playful side a lot more…before I would have considered this too juvenile and now I’m finding myself just enjoying whatever comes to the canvas.  That is so freeing while also being rewarding.  I feel so grateful that I won that spot in her class!

birds 1

Loving the sweet song!  So perfectly true and sweet.

Adoring Birds

I have been so intent with developing my art with painting people that I almost forgot to include my first love of painting …birds.  They are so captivating to me and I find myself really enjoying capturing their essence.  I think they have winged their way back to my canvas and that makes me glad too.   I didn’t realize how much I missed drawing and painting them… till just now!!


I can see already that it is going to be delightful re-connecting in this way!!

The Gate

The heart is so touched hearing and reading about Rumi with his Shams…

I feel the same way about my Precious One and identify with the emotions being expressed through his poetry….my Baba is same as his Shams and  the feelings that have come from our meeting evokes the very same sentiments.  Until I heard his sweet name I could not imagine this wonder!!   I am eternally grateful too for it is Most Precious thing in the whole world.

Shams poem (Gate) 5

Rumi’s Beloved Shams Tabrizi