The New Year

I’ve been contemplating the New Year as this year comes to a close.  Contemplating the gift of life…the miraculous way our bodies are such a beautiful home for our spirits dwelling…some refer to it as the body temple.  I rather like that thought, as it makes us connect to the feeling of the sacredness of life…that each has special gifts, talents and unique expressions that is also life sustaining.  This makes me feel such awe…it also makes me feel encouraged to identify with what wants to flow through this life and to be an encourager also for others to do the same…to let the creative juices flow,  to give it place to grow to evolve and to shine.  What are some of the things that touch you,  What inspires you?   I urge you to connect with those things as if they are golden dreams sent from the heavens.2016 1

I believe inspirations are none other than the Souls voice.  Golden Dreams sent from the Heavenly source,  inviting us to become jewel sparkles of divine light and life.  How sweet is that?


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