Beautiful Blossoms

So sweet the little flowers along the path.  Who made you glow in that bright color?  From whence came that fragrance that is dancing on the wind?  We are enchanted by the sweetness of it all and are grateful for every little bit.

pink flowers 3Your Precious Beauty is everywhere.  thank you for its sweetness.


Birds and Happiness

Birds and Happiness just seems to go together…Seeing them makes the heart flutter and simple joy wells up…hearing them does the same….me and a friend went to Merritt Island Reserve this past week end to enjoy seeing all the birds in this natural setting…the day started in wonder.   While leaving there was a pair of Cranes in the front yard feeding…we stopped and greeted them to thank them for sending us off in such a sweet way.  we saw coots, swallows, spoonbills, egrets of every type, an eagle perched up in a nest, sandpipers, seagulls, vultures, ibis, stork, and many others…too many to name them all..


Such a beautiful day spent in cherishing all these beautiful bird friends.

Be Now Care Free

our precious Deva

Sweetly Cherishing your sky like Presence.  Thank you for the Grace filled Experiences but most heartily the sweetness of living life in the shade of your precious tree.  You bring out the Sweetness of Life in every way!!!  So Grateful too!!! Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you!!