Peace Love and Happiness

Bhakti Chardinan 1

… the core of all life. 



We got to see a beautiful eagle at the lake.  eagle

Such a beautiful sight!


Apmonia is a word that was heard in a dream…It was found to mean harmony.  Harmony is reflected in nature and we find is really also our very own nature too.

Maharaj Swami

like a song it carries its own melody.


This is first stage of working on this art piece…I want to document the transformation while working on this over a period of time…it will be interesting to see the unfolding and where it wants to end up….meditation 1

enjoying all the different ways my art is finding expression!  So much fun!!

Ladoo’s for Everyone

Living in the wonder we may experience a deep love that is rare and unexpected…

like the love between a bird and an elephant or a hippo and a tortoise…the magical state of love is delight to see and be part of too.

Few weeks back we went to feed the fish and we discovered a little squirrel that had gotten stranded down there and he was visibly distraught…The parent squirrel was on the side shaken and crying out for help…we found way to create a type of bridge for that baby to make its way out…

weeks passed and we forgot about that day….then few days back we were walking over to feed fish and before us a few squirrels seemed happy and started greeting us,,,they ran ahead and joined group of squirrels and all were enjoying and playing happily together…it seemed they were also enjoying our company and we felt they were showing us how happy they were to be all together.  Such a sweet moment when two meet and share their love … what a sweet moment we all enjoyed there with one another…

live in the wonder

be well my little friends  and stay safe.