Connecting with your Dream

Connecting with the dreams coming deep from within the heart

is also inviting the magic of spirits unfolding.

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Beautiful Heart

Beautiful Heart

that made me see

there is only one.

One life flowing naturally

throughout all creation.

Graceful Being


Ever present.


Both giver and Being of Life

Such sweetness

beyond words and imagination.

We are left in awe

as we experience your life

your fullness …flowing freely.

Thank you for everything.





Bunny Carving by James Homan

I just finished painting this beautiful Bunny Sculpture for a very talented sculpture artist.

It was a real treat to be able to paint this bunny…His beautiful talent made this discovery a true joy!  I would love to be able to do this again!  Harvey Smith Photography , thank you for creating such a lovely scene to show off the bunny’s presence. Your talent always amazes me.

I am really enjoying each new  opportunity to grow as an artist and combining my love for nature is an extra sweet pairing.

Ever Grateful!

m-img_1012Even Cuter in person!!