‘It isn’t enough to talk about peace. 

One Must Believe in it.

And it isn’t enough to Believe in it.

One must work at it.’

…Eleanor Roosevelt



Grandmother Said

Grandmother said

Grandmother, what are you whispering?  The child asked after noticing Grandmother was whispering something to herself while preparing for sleep.

I put a thought on the Heart, Grandmother said.

The child was surprised.

What does it mean?

Wise Grandmother said,  I do not want to quarrel with a neighbor who let me down…but I do not know how to behave right now.  So I will put a thought on the heart before sleeping…and in the morning the Heart will tell me what to do.

And where does the Heart know it from?

The Heart knows everything…I’m learning from it all my life.

try it and you will find your Heart will show you too.


Bodhisattva’s Heart



and true.

The Bodhisattva

replenishes the world


a relationship

with life

that bears witness to

the very soul of life.

May we be touched by the gentle warmth

of self abiding.

of illumination

that feeds and nurtures the essence

remaining free of the tendancy

for adding chaos to the world,

they are friends through their hearts

sweet dedication and its unfolding.

We are Blessed by those great lives

and very grateful.

Om Mane Padme OM.








Racoon Medicine

Racoon says,   ‘We live by sans judgement, we just enjoy freely.  We live moment to moment adjusting ourselves naturally to each circumstance…childlike we emanate a natural peace and joy in life.  This is our Medicine …our way.’


We are Beholden and Sustained by Love.

Infinite Love

nurtures our very existance

cherishing like the Mother

the witnessing self in all alike.

the bright and shining one

the one with no name

and the cherisher itself.

We are beholden to you and wish to hear

your sweet whispers

for it is Golden thread that leads us home

it is also our life giving manna

Oh Infinite Beloved

We Cherish You.

We honor You and

Adore You.

The very Manna of our Sweet Life.

You have filled us with awe and Wonder.

We are most grateful

O Heart of all Hearts.

We adore You.

Shenoah White Owl