Gathering All of Me

While contemplating these words

the mind at first enters into analogies

of possibilities and the like….

the same old chord where too much knowledge

too much thinking, makes it own creeds.

Then through a soft opening a soft word is heard.


Gathering the remembrance of who I really am.

A Soul Song emerges on its own.

It has been there with me for long.

Perhaps the real life’s longing is finally met.

Right Here.  Right now.

In this simple remembrance of who I really am.

Loving through a Love that needs no names

or forms,  who’s sweet fulfillment requires no exchange.

It is Life filled to the brim with its own ecstacy…

Giving this seer place fills the heart with wonder.

The Heart filled with Awe for the gravity of it all.

It makes life in the ordinary sense

seem a bit of a shadow, mostly made up and demanding so much of our time.

It makes me want to breath life though those other nostrils.

The ones that lets me dance in ecstatic joy

in the Remembrance.

It makes me want to leave so much behind

like childhood toys having been outgrown.

O’ Sweet Remembrance

I am at Home now in the simple Joy

of seeing with Heart Open to the Innocence of Love.

Remembering too, that All here is a Beautiful Gift.

Called Life. Shenoah White Owl


I wish to let this Remembering and its song overtake me.


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