Medicine Woman Treya and her Medicine Dog Mushka

Medicine Woman Treya was borne to serve her tribe as a healer, a friend and an agent for rebirth and transformation through story telling…through sharing and through caring.

All of her interests and gifts revolve around alleviating the suffering in the world.

Life has molded her to be that way and now she wishes to share her Medicine with us here.  She say’s, ‘it is time’

She says it is ‘Medicine for the People’…this is earthy alive and the way of pure being…it includes all paths and yet is none…

Wei Wu Wei, doing. not doing. is the first thing she wishes to share.

we find Wei Wu Wei is a state of being …one that brings us into a sense of harmony within and without…once we welcome this way of being into our heart it seems to suggest things for us to consider and show the way more and more, just through the moment to moment happenings.  Nothing to undo or do just  way to be.  This creates a lot of space for real connection and living.  Google Wei Wu Wei and let yourself connect to what is jumping out for you, let it speak to your heart and let it gently unfold what it means for your right now in your own life…

Let it speak.

Mushka wants to invite you to dig deep and ask what is your Medicine, your gifts that are not being honored or appreciated…how can we dig them out of the ground of our being dust them off and give them place for being included; ‘as life is nourished for self and others in this acceptance and realizations.’ 

‘Let it become part of your own Medicine and Song

All are important aspects of the Human Gem of Our Most Precious Tree of Life…

Dig Deep and Listen.’

Medicine woman, Treya and Mushka 3

thank you our dear Medicine Friends!


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