Releasing into ‘OUR Song’

Your Heart Song is potent and important part of releasing your essence into the world.

It is Good Medicine to be able to recognize familiar patterns that would keep you from living the life that is speaking to you from deep down inside.  It could even be ‘fear of persecution’  that keeps you somehow stuck, living in the shadows rather than letting yourself go into the forbidden places that allows the deepest unfolding.  There has been many different ways we have been persecuted as a People,  and healing from that is a massive gift that is being called for at this time…

…We can begin to heal by Holding space for each other.  To fearlessly examine our own places that we are stuck and be willing to release them… to let them go and to acknowledge what is really in line with our deepest self…by asking the question ‘what do I really want?”  Release the old way of being and thinking to embrace what you really want…

I want to live in a world where it doesn’t matter what form the spirit takes but that it gives LIFE…and Life more abundant.

I want to witness the many paths meeting in true brotherhood….where LOVE is truly understood as the only real thing.

I want to tear down the walls that will not let us meet face to face….

I want to be part of that Song, sung in pure love!

with no dividing walls.

from this day forward we could choose to throw into the fire to be burned all thoughts, ideas, prejudices, fears of the known and unknown to be burned into the nothingness that they really are. and in their place to live completely free like children, eager to be living and loving and sharing.

simply said, LET GO and LET LOVE!

releasing into her song


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