In Her Midst

healing presnce

In her midst…

I have learned to see

I am also a great being of light.

meant to be shared, an honor to her wisdom.

In her midst…

there is great joy that comes through

as natural as the sun, the rainbow and the sky.

In her midst…

the great mystery avails itself

as we live out our lives

with each increase

a bit more wise. a bit more grateful

and a lot more loving.

In her midst…

I have also discovered myself

a precious being. a light walker between worlds.

a witness. a guide. a friend. a beloved.

fully awake… seeing that which hinders an ever increasing flow

allowing its fuller expression.

Allowing the light its way… for naturally and gracefully tearing down those unnatural walls.

I bring Medicine for the people.

Medicine that awakens.  That heals.

That gracefully nurtures the wonder held in the precious cradle of all life.

I am the great life’s mistress.

A mistress of the soul.

Shenoah White Owl aka Bonnie Smith

healing presnce


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