Our Primary Energy is Love

We are inexplicably

connected to

a beautiful web of Life,

Who’s Primary Energy is

Pure Limitless Love.

We can Pause in any moment

and reconnect from deep inside

to the beautiful

life affirming Energy

of this Great Great LOVE!

Shenoah White Owlelephants



Where do you have your head in the sand?

…I realized I’ve had my head in the sand around money… and my future.  I am committed to learning and understanding all my choices around money…and saying Yes to what I truly want.  I put my credit cards on ice, I mean literally they are in the freezer in little pond of water where they are literally frozen (that way there will be serious thought where using them is concerned with no chance for spontaneous unplanned use).  I’ve devised a plan for becoming debt free!!  Oh yeah and I am excited about my future where my life and my money are concerned!

It feels good to be taking this incredible action for my future and to be taking all the other inspired actions towards living my dreams…so glad to get my head out of the sand and breath in all of this goodness!!


Can you feel the excitement?

I hope it inspires you to your own actions where you may have your head in the sand too!

Enjoy your day!!

The White Page

See every day as a white page….

where you get to choose

and fill up your day

with all that you really want.

What will you choose to include today?

Paint your world beautiful through each choice to be.

Be You.  Be Free. Have fun.

the white page 3