Connecting with Heart

Connecting with Heart 2

Connecting with Heart as passage for self discovery is very powerful way to fall in Love with Life while letting go of all the things that keeps our heart from really shining.

This discovery brings out many unexpected joys!!

Lets take a few moments to connect within our own hearts…Lets close our eyes…take a few breaths and let our self feel the depth of our being …put your hand to your heart …and say, “I want to discover this deep self (or more of it if it is something I am already doing)….let us recall simple things that the heart naturally goes to with Love…let us connect fully to these things while promising to give them space in our lives (or more space for those already following the hearts passage).  Let us feel the LOVE  and the Life that is given through Loving Connection….recall and connect as long as you wish….then when it feels complete somehow … come back to the moment with gratitude for the beauty of the chance to connect and shine our hearts in this way.

Take a moment to write about what came into focus for you….Maybe you have a special book you write in…a journal for your hearts journey….

Connecting with Heart 2

Wishing Lots of Joy in Your Hearts Journey!