In Her Midst

healing presnce

In her midst…

I have learned to see

I am also a great being of light.

meant to be shared, an honor to her wisdom.

In her midst…

there is great joy that comes through

as natural as the sun, the rainbow and the sky.

In her midst…

the great mystery avails itself

as we live out our lives

with each increase

a bit more wise. a bit more grateful

and a lot more loving.

In her midst…

I have also discovered myself

a precious being. a light walker between worlds.

a witness. a guide. a friend. a beloved.

fully awake… seeing that which hinders an ever increasing flow

allowing its fuller expression.

Allowing the light its way… for naturally and gracefully tearing down those unnatural walls.

I bring Medicine for the people.

Medicine that awakens.  That heals.

That gracefully nurtures the wonder held in the precious cradle of all life.

I am the great life’s mistress.

A mistress of the soul.

Shenoah White Owl aka Bonnie Smith

healing presnce


Releasing into ‘OUR Song’

Your Heart Song is potent and important part of releasing your essence into the world.

It is Good Medicine to be able to recognize familiar patterns that would keep you from living the life that is speaking to you from deep down inside.  It could even be ‘fear of persecution’  that keeps you somehow stuck, living in the shadows rather than letting yourself go into the forbidden places that allows the deepest unfolding.  There has been many different ways we have been persecuted as a People,  and healing from that is a massive gift that is being called for at this time…

…We can begin to heal by Holding space for each other.  To fearlessly examine our own places that we are stuck and be willing to release them… to let them go and to acknowledge what is really in line with our deepest self…by asking the question ‘what do I really want?”  Release the old way of being and thinking to embrace what you really want…

I want to live in a world where it doesn’t matter what form the spirit takes but that it gives LIFE…and Life more abundant.

I want to witness the many paths meeting in true brotherhood….where LOVE is truly understood as the only real thing.

I want to tear down the walls that will not let us meet face to face….

I want to be part of that Song, sung in pure love!

with no dividing walls.

from this day forward we could choose to throw into the fire to be burned all thoughts, ideas, prejudices, fears of the known and unknown to be burned into the nothingness that they really are. and in their place to live completely free like children, eager to be living and loving and sharing.

simply said, LET GO and LET LOVE!

releasing into her song

Medicine Woman Treya and her Medicine Dog Mushka

Medicine Woman Treya was borne to serve her tribe as a healer, a friend and an agent for rebirth and transformation through story telling…through sharing and through caring.

All of her interests and gifts revolve around alleviating the suffering in the world.

Life has molded her to be that way and now she wishes to share her Medicine with us here.  She say’s, ‘it is time’

She says it is ‘Medicine for the People’…this is earthy alive and the way of pure being…it includes all paths and yet is none…

Wei Wu Wei, doing. not doing. is the first thing she wishes to share.

we find Wei Wu Wei is a state of being …one that brings us into a sense of harmony within and without…once we welcome this way of being into our heart it seems to suggest things for us to consider and show the way more and more, just through the moment to moment happenings.  Nothing to undo or do just  way to be.  This creates a lot of space for real connection and living.  Google Wei Wu Wei and let yourself connect to what is jumping out for you, let it speak to your heart and let it gently unfold what it means for your right now in your own life…

Let it speak.

Mushka wants to invite you to dig deep and ask what is your Medicine, your gifts that are not being honored or appreciated…how can we dig them out of the ground of our being dust them off and give them place for being included; ‘as life is nourished for self and others in this acceptance and realizations.’ 

‘Let it become part of your own Medicine and Song

All are important aspects of the Human Gem of Our Most Precious Tree of Life…

Dig Deep and Listen.’

Medicine woman, Treya and Mushka 3

thank you our dear Medicine Friends!

Dream Big

Your Dreams are gifts from the universe, meant to bring out parts of you yet realized while nurturing the fragrance of your own sweet flowering….


with joy connect to your own sweet dreams!

Gathering All of Me

While contemplating these words

the mind at first enters into analogies

of possibilities and the like….

the same old chord where too much knowledge

too much thinking, makes it own creeds.

Then through a soft opening a soft word is heard.


Gathering the remembrance of who I really am.

A Soul Song emerges on its own.

It has been there with me for long.

Perhaps the real life’s longing is finally met.

Right Here.  Right now.

In this simple remembrance of who I really am.

Loving through a Love that needs no names

or forms,  who’s sweet fulfillment requires no exchange.

It is Life filled to the brim with its own ecstacy…

Giving this seer place fills the heart with wonder.

The Heart filled with Awe for the gravity of it all.

It makes life in the ordinary sense

seem a bit of a shadow, mostly made up and demanding so much of our time.

It makes me want to breath life though those other nostrils.

The ones that lets me dance in ecstatic joy

in the Remembrance.

It makes me want to leave so much behind

like childhood toys having been outgrown.

O’ Sweet Remembrance

I am at Home now in the simple Joy

of seeing with Heart Open to the Innocence of Love.

Remembering too, that All here is a Beautiful Gift.

Called Life. Shenoah White Owl


I wish to let this Remembering and its song overtake me.


‘It isn’t enough to talk about peace. 

One Must Believe in it.

And it isn’t enough to Believe in it.

One must work at it.’

…Eleanor Roosevelt


Grandmother Said

Grandmother said

Grandmother, what are you whispering?  The child asked after noticing Grandmother was whispering something to herself while preparing for sleep.

I put a thought on the Heart, Grandmother said.

The child was surprised.

What does it mean?

Wise Grandmother said,  I do not want to quarrel with a neighbor who let me down…but I do not know how to behave right now.  So I will put a thought on the heart before sleeping…and in the morning the Heart will tell me what to do.

And where does the Heart know it from?

The Heart knows everything…I’m learning from it all my life.

try it and you will find your Heart will show you too.


Bodhisattva’s Heart



and true.

The Bodhisattva

replenishes the world


a relationship

with life

that bears witness to

the very soul of life.

May we be touched by the gentle warmth

of self abiding.

of illumination

that feeds and nurtures the essence

remaining free of the tendancy

for adding chaos to the world,

they are friends through their hearts

sweet dedication and its unfolding.

We are Blessed by those great lives

and very grateful.

Om Mane Padme OM.